Wednesday, February 22, 2006

omg... and not in a good way

Last night, we went to the Crown and Rose Pub in Palo Alto with A. and S. for the fish and chips and trivia night. I was very excited to go because I read great reviews on Jatbar, and let's be honest, fish and chips are da bomb dot com. The night started off rough because work caused Mr. Cupcake to run late and I was none too pleased. We ended up being about a half an hour late meeting A. and S., but we finally made it.

When you get there, you have to order at the bar. We looked over the menu, which was small but had stuff on front and back. I had a hard time deciding how hungry I was. Sometimes Mr. Cupcake and I will share, but last night he wanted his own. He wanted the prawns, and I wanted fish and chips, but he wanted to have fish and chips too, so I ordered a three piece. You can order 1, 2, or 3 pieces. I think the 3 piece was around $10.

Mr. Cupcake's prawns

My fish and chips

I wasn't very excited by the presentation because the batter seemed dark, but that could have been the lighting. I like my fried food to appear lightly golden. Anyway, the fish was pretty much flavorless. The batter was nothing special and not particularly crunchy. The fries were soggy and the tarter sauce was thick and gloppy. I was pretty disappointed in the whole thing especially since I had heard this was was suppose to be so great. Normally I can tear through french fries no problem, but these were flavorless and limp. I left them for Mr. Cupcake to eat, but he eventually pushed them away as well.

I thought the meal was pretty bad, but unfortunately, it was just the beginning. We were waiting for trivia to start and all the sudden I started having stomach pains. I didn't ask what kind of fish they served but whatever it was, it was fighting to get out by trying to rip a hole in my stomach. I don't think the problem is with the restaurant, but with fish and chips in general. I had similar stomach problems after I ate fish and chips at the last place, and that place was fabulous. I guess my body is trying to reject all the fatty goodness, but I keep telling it to eat it anyway.

If you want fish and chips, I'd recommend The Bay Fish and Chips. It's run by a little Asian couple, so it's not what you expect when you first walk in, but oh man is it good. I think the stomach pains might be worth it. I dunno though, I'm going to have stay away from fish and chips for awhile.

So, I still haven't picked a pastry recipe yet. I received The Silver Spoon Cookbook for Christmas. It's like a Joy of Cooking but for Italians. They translated it in English. There's lots of interesting pastries in there, so I think I might still go profiteroles. I may modify it though because the filling is just whipped cream. I was dreaming of a custard of some sort. We'll see.

Also, this weekend we're going to a Polish place because Mr. Cupcake loves Polish food. Maybe it's because he's part Polish. There's a little place called Polish Deli in Palo Alto. He found it on chowhound. We tried to go on Monday, but it was closed probably because of the holiday. Our plan is to go on Saturday. I'm a little disappointed because I've read they only have frozen perogies, but it has to be better than Mrs. T's in the grocery store. I'll have a report.

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