Tuesday, February 28, 2006

ramen and daffodils make a nice day

Yesterday, a friend of mine had a friend come to town. I have chatted with R.'s friend C. online a few times, but never met him in person. He's interviewing at a local company where Mr. Cupcake happens to work. C. was only suppose to come in for the day, but the company can be somewhat disorganized and asked him to extend his stay overnight. Having never been here before, R. encouraged C. to give me a call. R. happens to know that since I'm currently job hunting, I'm always looking for an excuse to get out, so I'm glad he called.

Anyway, C. and I decided to meet up for lunch and have coffee before his interview. We headed to Ramen House of Ryowa for some ramen. I've been here a couple of times before, and like it. It's always busy though, so we decided to meet when they opened at 11:30. C. arrived before I did, and was able to get one of the two tables. Everytime I've come I've had to sit at the bar which is an interesting experience. It's good that we decided to go early because it didn't take long before there was a large wait.

We both ended up ordering the 'A' lunch special. It's their house flavor. I'm not blown away by this flavor, but there were only three lunch flavors to choose from. I think the other two were shoyu and buttered corn or something like that. I've had both and prefer the house. I do like their miso flavor the best I think, but that wasn't an option. I'm definitely not a ramen connoisseur, so I really can't go into that much detail other than I like noodles. Though I will say that the pork was kind of fatty this time around, and that the broth was kind of bland. However, they offer a handful of spices on the table to help it out. The lunch is nice because you also get three gyozas and a choice of fried or white rice for $7.50. It's definitely not a bad deal. I didn't eat any of the kim chee that sits in a container on the table, but it's usually pretty good. Maybe next time.

I'll go back. Having a big bowl of ramen is so nice when it's cold outside. It wasn't really cold today, but in general. I will eventually branch out and try other ramen places, but this place wins because it's so close.

Afterwards, we went to the Red Rock Coffee Co. which is just across the street. I like to go there because they have free wifi. Anyway, C. and I chatted it up. He's a nice guy and I can see why he and R. are friends. Hopefully his interview went well. It'd be great to know more people in the area. Plus he and his gf love food apparently. Always a plus in my book. ;)

This weekend Mr. Cupcake and I went to Trader Joe's. How I love that place. Mr. Cupcake picked up a small bunch that looked like asparagus. It turns out they were daffodils that hadn't bloomed yet. The instructions said just put them in water and watch them bloom. For only $.99 he figured why not. After two days, they looked like this:

They are so pretty and just make my day. Plus, they smell really good. It reminds me of spring. Another reason to love Trader Joe's. Ignore all the junk in the background.

Mr. Cupcake is starting to feel normal again. He still has a gurgly stomach, but is feeling a lot better. Hopefully he'll be well enough to partake in our table for six dinner tomorrow night. It's a dinner where you get six people together and go out to dinner. They're all 20 to 30 something professionals. Sometimes there's a theme; it just depends on the person hosting. I'm hosting, so it should be interesting. Our table of six is actually seven because I didn't want to turn people away. I don't know anyone other than Mr. Cupcake, but I think it's important to put ourselves out there. I'll have a report hopefully on Thursday.

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