Monday, March 06, 2006

commander cupcake?

I'm suppose to be job hunting right now, but Mr. Cupcake showed his friends my little blog and they had some feedback. I felt it was blog worthy - that and I feel like procrastinating. They think Mr. Cupcake should be called Commander Cupcake because Mr. Cupcake isn't masculine enough. I have kind of grown fond of Mr. Cupcake's alias, but I could consider changing it. Afterall, it's not like I'm Mrs. Cupcake. I don't really like the term Mrs. anyway. It sounds old and matronly. Although, if I started calling him Commander, could people still tell we're together? Not that it really matters, but would it be confusing in any way? Who is this Commander Cupcake that Madame Cupcake speaks of?

Then there was the code name request form. I didn't even consider giving other people real aliases. I was just being lazy and used first initials. Perhaps I should give them aliases as well? I could stick with the cupcake theme. Perhaps A. and S. could be Chocolate Cupcake and Dulce De Leche Cupcake? I dunno. I'll have to think about this some more. I've only been blogging for about two weeks now, so this is new territory.

All this cupcake talk and I didn't even make cupcakes yesterday. Booo. Mr. Cupcake err.. Commander Cupcake and I kind of wasted the day away. We did end up cleaning and I watched the Oscars. I think I'm going to bake a cake tomorrow instead because I will officially be old. I have been looking into making a chocolate hazelnut cake. I love the chocolate hazelnut flavor combination i.e. Nutella ever since we went to Italy. I have found a couple of recipes, so I'm trying to decide which one is a winner.

By the way, I don't know about this Commander Cupcake thing. I've noticed it takes a lot more energy to type out compared to Mr. Cupcake. We'll have to wait and see if it sticks.


Princess Pesto said...

I agree that Mr. Cupcake doesn't fit the man behind it, but in a way, that's what makes it funny.

If he's looking for something more appropriate but still in the same style, I'd suggest Captain Kielbasa. Or Polish Prince. Or Golden Gyoza.

epg said...

People know Commander and Madame Cupcake are together the same way they know Dr. Cupcake and Mrs. Cupcake are together. Unless you give everyone else Cupcake names, of course.