Sunday, March 12, 2006

fat cat

This post is unrelated to food. I was visiting my normal choice selection of websites this morning and came across this picture:

My cat is a fatass, but nothing like this. This cat weighs 33 pounds and has a 31.5 inch waist. Five is only 20 pounds. I want this cat.

Mr. Cupcake just woke up. He asked if I was going to eat it since I was blogging.


Everyone else seems to think that Five looks just as fat as the other cat, so Mr. Cupcake took a picture of Five and me to compare.

I guess I don't need the other cat.


Anonymous said...

Good grief, woman! It looks like your cat is going to eat me alive when I visit next week. I'd better stock up on the Claritin now....

Anonymous said...

Fatty Five