Thursday, March 02, 2006


Last night Mr. Cupcake and I went to Gochi with a group of people whom we didn't know. There were suppose to be 7 of us, but 2 cancelled about a half an hour before. We ended up with five total. When we arrived, I told the hostess/waitress that our party had downsized. She was upset because she had turned down a bunch of other reservations. I felt kind of bad, but it was out of my control. It was good to have a reservation though. It was Wednesday at 7:30 and the place was packed! I was surprised how busy it was.

This review isn't going to be super helpful if you're looking for a lot of details. Since we were meeting new people, I felt like a tool for taking pictures of the food. Most of them weren't the foodie type, so they didn't really get it. I kind of rushed everything, so I'll try to go by memory which will probably be a bit vague. I don't have names, and my pictures suck too. I need to work it more so I can have those beautifully artistic pictures that other blogs have. Someday.

Anyway, it started out with four of us and one other guy ended up getting lost, so we decided to do some starters. The first thing we ordered was these crab cream cheese puffs. We decided to get two orders since each one only came with three puffs per order. Our waitress recommended them. They were pretty good and were nice in size. The outside was light and crispy and the inside was very rich and creamy. It was almost too creamy for me, but one guy liked it that way. Also, the side sauce was very thick. I thought it was going to be like soy sauce, but it was a lot thicker.

The next thing we ordered was a pizza. Yeah, it's pretty weird to have a pizza at Japanese tapas, but the waitress said it was their specialty, so we decided we must try it. I honestly don't remember what was on the pizza other than a couple of types of fish and some cheese. I know there was more, but my memory is failing me. If only I had a menu; I could pick it out. The pizza had A LOT of flavor. It was definitely bursting with each bite. The crust was very thin and crispy. It was also pretty cheesy, and I'm not a big fan of cheese. I usually pull the cheese off my pizza. I don't know, melted cheese from pizza just sits weird in my stomach and it makes me feel uncomfortable. It was not really my favorite. However, it was Mr. Cupcake's favorite item of the night.

As we were eating, our fifth person arrived. Once our appetizers ran out, we decided to order some more food. It was pretty hard to pick because Gochi has over 100 items on their menu. It's a little crazy, and hard to choose among everything. Below is tofu. I actually liked this. The tofu was soft and was in what was maybe soy sauce and seaweed. I liked the texture of the tofu.

I really wanted to order some carpaccio. They had a handful listed on the menu. I remember having some amazing carpaccio in Italy. Now, of course this is a Japanese restaurant, so it's not going to be exactly like Italy, but this was very different than what I was expecting. I believe it was halibut and it had a pesto like sauce on it. In Italy, the carpaccio was razor thin and so delish. This was more like sashimi with a weird pesto sauce over it. No one really liked this dish all that much.

Finally, we ordered a noodle dish. It was noodles with chicken in a broth. There were also some vegetables that I couldn't identify. Some of the vegetables sort of disintegrated in my mouth which wasn't all that appealing. The noodles were very thin like vermicelli. I took a picture, but it was so washed out that it wasn't worth posting. I was also disappointed in this dish.

Our total bill was $90 including tip for five tapas, two beers, a pot of green tea, and a 7-up. Overall, I wasn't too impressed with Gochi, which is disappointing because I was looking forward to it. We probably picked the wrong dishes. Since there were over 100 items to choose from, I have to believe there are really good things on their menu. We just missed them. One guy J. had been to another place called Saizo which also serves Japanese tapas. He said it was better. I definitely want to visit more izakayas in the area, so Mr. Cupcake and I will definitely go. J. said he'd be willing to go too, which is cool. Mr. Cupcake and I thought he was pretty funny, and he seemed to be into food.

Tomorrow night we're going to Kabul in Sunnyvale with A. and S. It's Afgani food, which I've never had before. It should be interesting. I will have a more detailed review this time fo' sure.

It seems like we've been going out a lot. This is fairly unusual, but we're trying to be a lot more social. I like to meet new people. It's not Mr. Cupcake's favorite thing to do, but he goes along with it. It's definitely weird though. It's sort of like dating because you either want to see the person again or you don't. It's all about making a connection; just not romantic.

Next week we're taking a break because we have visitors! Yay! We'll be eating out even more I imagine. Hopefully we'll find some great places. We're suppose to go to this Greek place in San Francisco next week, and I want to go back to the Golden Gate Bakery. I love that place. Mr. Cupcake is a total sucker for their custard tarts. I'm not such a fan though. I know it's what they're famous for, but I'm just not big on egg tarts. I prefer their coconut stuff. It should be a fun couple of weeks.


Anonymous said...

I was looking up Gochi on google and found your weblog. Really enjoyed your restaurant reviews - I go to many of them myself. Keep up the good work!! I really like Gochi myself - went back three times since I discovered it two weeks ago. Few of my favorites: crabmeat pizza, hamachi carpaccio, salmon crispy rice balls...

madame cupcake said...

Thanks for visiting my site! I'd actually like to give Gochi another go sometime. I've really enjoyed all the other izakayas recently, and Gochi is usually ranked as one of the best. If you haven't been to Saizo or Yume-ya, I'd highly recommend them. Yume-ya is a really fantastic value.