Sunday, March 26, 2006

lactose strikes again

Yesterday, I spent the day shopping with A. and E. Throughout most of the day I was parched. I'm thirsty a lot since I've been out here and my skin is always flaky too. Anyway, We opted to go to Jamba Juice and get a drink. I decided on the Berry Fullfilling which is one of their "Enlightened Smoothies". I figured a smoothie would be so refreshing after a long afternoon shopping. I was wrong. There was a flavor that overwhelmed the smoothie. I think it was the "lower calorie dairy base". Whatever it was, it coated my tongue and made me even thirstier. A. had the same problem with her drink, so we both ended up throwing them out.

We continued on, but I was still thirsty. I needed something that would get the coating off my tongue, so we hit the Nordstrom Espresso Bar. I decided to get a nonfat iced vanilla chai. A. was smart and went with bottled water. I expressed to them how it needed to be nonfat, and they assured me that they always are. The chai was tasty, and I was pleased with my purchase. That is until my stomach started to gurgle. I sometimes get that feeling when there's something wrong and I should stop drinking because a lactose attack might strike, but I haven't had one in so long, that I just ignored the signs. Bad bad bad.

Later that evening, J. joined up with us for dinner. After a long debate, we eventually decided upon Evvia in Palo Alto, which is apparently the sister restaurant to Kokkari in San Francisco. The decor was very similar to Kokkari. However, I couldn't get super excited for it. On the drive to the restaurant the lactose intolerance attack came on with a vengeance. My stomach was gurgling and I was starting to see spots. It was pretty freaky because usually when I see stars it only lasts for a few minutes. These spots lasted up until dinner arrived.

Anyway, back to dinner. The group decided to order a plate of dolmathes. I had to pass because dolmathes usually have a pretty strong flavor and I didn't think I could stomach it. I did eat quite a bit of bread which was awesome. It was crusty and soft and chewy in the inside. It definitely help settle my stomach a bit.

I ended up ordering the salata epohis and spanakotiropita, which was pretty much the same as what I ordered at Kokkari. I needed something a little lighter which is why I passed on all the meat dishes. Oh, and the special was petrale! I slightly cringed when he said that. I'd never heard of petrale before the other night, and now the fish seems to be following me.

I wasn't really wowed by the salata epohis. It was made with kumquats, dandelion leaves, something I don't remember, and a blood orange vinaigrette. The only thing that stood out were the kumquats. They still had the skin on and were very sweet. I've never eaten a kumquat before, so it was good.

The spanakotiropita was really good. It was flaky and the filling had very nice texture and flavor. I think these were better than the ones at Kokkari. I was very pleased, so I'd definitely order them again.

I was telling the group how I like it when restaurants use the crumb scraper. I don't know why, but maybe it's because I always make a mess and I like it when they clean up after me. It's usually a nice touch. Evvia has butcher paper on the tables, so when they pulled out the crumb scraper, it just wasn't the same. I guess I like the smoothness of the linen table cloths with the fluid motion of the crumb scraper. It just wasn't there with butcher paper.

I decided to pass on dessert because my lactose problems were acting up again. It kept coming in waves so sometimes I'd feel okay, and other times I didn't. However, by the end of dinner, I was feeling on the not so okay side.

The total bill was a few cents shy of $100 for four not including tip. The overall menu was very similar to the items at Kokkari but cheaper. I'd definitely go back to Evvia. I'll have to take Mr. Cupcake because I'm sure he'd enjoy it. I bet I'd enjoy it more if I felt better too. Stupid lactose intolerance. Even stupider Nordstrom Espresso Bar. Stupidest fake nonfat iced vanilla chai. Never again!

Mr. Cupcake was eating tortilla chips this morning and Five is a tortilla chip fanatic. He's so obsessed that he tries to bat it out of our hands when he sees us with tortilla chips. Mr. Cupcake gave in to Five's weakness.

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