Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Oooh Oooh Ah AAAAHHH

It's been pretty busy lately. We've been eating out a lot because Mr. Cupcake's sister and SwatchMan are visiting and we're doing a lot of sightseeing. We really haven't had anything I feel like reporting about though.

I did make monkey bread for Mr. Cupcake's sister a few days ago. She said she'd been craving it. I've made monkey bread a handful of times, but all different recipes. Mr. Cupcake likes gorilla bread where the bread pieces are filled with cream cheese. It's a little too rich for me though. I ended up making a Pillsbury recipe. I made a few assumptions because I felt like the recipe left me hanging. For the topping, I melted the butter in a sauce pan and then added the sugar. I stirred it over low heat until the sugar was completely dissolved and looked like a thick caramel sauce. There was extra cinnamon and sugar, so I sprinkled some of the excess into the pan. I also omitted the walnuts and raisins. Baking time was only 31 minutes.

The monkey bread was gooey and oh so good. Mr. Cupcake's sister gave it her seal of approval as did the others. I think I will stick with this recipe for all future monkey bread requests. I like it because it uses the refrigerated biscuit dough which makes it very simple to make.

You'd think a day that starts off with monkey bread would be a great day. We were going to spend the day in San Francisco. The plans changed when a big piece of diamond plated steel flew off a glass truck and hit my car. My airbags went off and smacked me in the face. There's nothing like having your face feel like it's on fire. Ahhhhhhhhh. The left side of my nose, cheek, and upper lip ended up swelling and I now have fairly large cuts on my face. I kind of looked like a monkey while my face was swollen, but fortunately most of the swelling is gone. At least no one was seriously injured.

My poor car is now in the shop. It has over $7000 worth of damage. Our insurance is going to cover it all though, and I get to drive a Kia in the meantime. It's like driving a toy car. I think the body shop loves us. Mr. Cupcake and I have figured out that we've given them over $15,000 worth of business since we've moved to California.

Anyway, enough car business. SwatchMan left this morning, and I think he had a good time. Mr. Cupcake's sister liked to make him worry. At Alcatraz, she'd go into places where there were "Do Not Enter" signs and he'd start to stress out. Poor SwatchMan.

I have decided that Mr. Cupcake and I need to detox our bodies after everyone leaves. Eating out all the time makes me feel like a sausage spilling out of my casing. I will refocus though and eventually have some good things to report. I want to visit a 99 Ranch Market out here soon, so that will be interesting.

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