Friday, March 10, 2006

pizza pie

Last night, SwatchMan and I went to Vito's Famous Pizza in Sunnyvale. It was described to us as NY style pizza by C. the night before. Mr. Cupcake is a pizza addict and loves NY style pizza. However, he didn't go because he chose to play poker instead. We have been to Amici's which is the local east coast style pizza. I think it's terrible. I can't believe people qualify it as great pizza. I would probably rather eat Papa John's which I don't particularly enjoy either. I just think Amici's is sparse with toppings and greasy. The crust is flat too and not chewy like east coast.

We arrived, and noticed that Vito's doesn't seem to place emphasis on appearance. There were some cheap looking booths in orange and brown decor. Since it was raining, and the restaurant didn't look all that inviting, we opted to do take out. We took some time looking over the menu and decided on a large pizza - half pepperoni and onion, half tomato and onion. Tomato and onion are my favorite pizza toppings. We also ordeded a couple of tossed salads (not that kind, jeesh). There were three guys who were working the counter. They were friendly and efficient. We only waited about 20 minutes for our order.

The pictures to the left are Swatchman's pizza slices. I like my pizza cooked with cheese, but I don't like to eat it with the cheese on it. If it's cooked with cheese, it makes the crust soft on top. I then peel it all off. It drives Mr. Cupcake crazy. I'm just not a fan of melted cheese. Mr. Cupcake likes to think I'm just eating a big breadstick. I am a crust lover though.

I thought the pizza was pretty good, but not amazing. The sauce was lacking in flavor. I think they could add a bit more spice and give it a little more character. The crust is pretty good though. It's chewy and and much closer to NY style pizza compared to Amici's. It's not the best pizza I've ever had though, but decent.

The salad wasn't anything special, and I'd probably skip it next time. It was just a regular side salad with romaine lettuce and a couple of slices of tomato. It was pretty small too.

Mr. Cupcake ate our leftover pizza this morning. He ate the first slice and decided he liked it, so he ate another one. It's the closest to NY style pizza that we've had since we've been out here. He thought the crust was a little too puffy though, and wants to go back for a fresh pizza. He thinks it's hard to judge since it was reheated in our toaster oven.

I'm pretty sure we'll be back. Mr. Cupcake loves pizza and definitely misses NY style pizza. This is the the closest we've come. It wasn't the best, but definitely not bad.

I should have some more reviews coming up. We're going to be spending some time in Berkeley and San Francisco this weekend and next week with SwatchMan and Mr. Cupcake's sister. We don't eat out this much normally, but since people are in town we're running around a lot.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, it's C.

You've pretty much nailed Vito's. Welcome to the bay area. All the food is great.... except the Pizza which is only so-so. Two other places worth going. First, Pizza Chicago. Go to the one in Sunnyvale. It's right at Lawrence and El Camino. Get the stuffed mushrooms. Ummmm. I'm also fond of the sundried tomato and peperoni pizza.

The other place is over in Berkeley. It's called Zack's. It's super deep dish pizza and probably the best of that type in the Bay Area.

Look forward to reading your review of El Burrito Real / La Costenya in Mountain View. La Bamba right next door to La Costenya is also supposed to be good.

MM says sorry about your car. I think you need to sacrifice a live chicken, or maybe that fat cat, since clearly Mr and Mrs Cupcake have some car juju problems.