Friday, March 24, 2006

visitors no more

I'm taking a break from skinning hazelnuts. The smell of toasted hazelnuts was making me hungry, so I'm making rice to eat with my leftover chicken korma. I'm making a chocolate hazelnut cake from my new Baking Illustrated book. I'll have more on that another day.

It's been a pretty busy week. SK came to visit and we went all over. It was also a weekend of beauty. We had manicures and had our eyebrows threaded. I prefer threading over waxing because I think it's more precise and also looks more natural. For those of you who are new to threading it's where they take a piece of thread (think sewing) and pull out the hair. It was SK's first experience, and she didn't find it as pleasant because of the pain. I don't really think it's painful, but I've had experience with it before. I thought the lady did a good job though, so I'll be back.

On SK's last night, she wanted reasonably priced seafood in San Francisco, and after consulting with the Chowhounds, I settled on Sam's Grill and Seafood Restaurant in the Financial District. We were seated right away, so that was nice. However, they squeezed us into this table that had two men on each side of us, and neither one wanted to budge. It was cramped until one of them left, and SK scooted the table back so we had more room. The place was actually filled with a ton of old people. Even the waiters were old. I felt like I needed to age another 50 years to fit in. Now, don't get me wrong, I love old people, but I had to wonder if maybe they were going to bring our food out pureed.

When we sat down, there was already a half a loaf of sourdough waiting for us. It was crusty on the outside and chewy on the inside. I love it when a place offers a good loaf of bread. Anyway, after looking over the menu, I chose the charred petrale (some kind of sole fish) and SK wanted the halibut. We also decided to split a caesar salad. Unfortunately, when we gave our order to our waiter, he informed SK that they were out of the halibut. She ended up going with the petrale as well.

The salad came out and it didn't really wow me. I think it was a huge salad, but they split on two plates for us.

The salad was all lettuce. I didn't really get that many croutons, but I did notice SK had a lot, so it was an uneven separation. That's okay though. The few croutons I did eat weren't that exciting. It was an $11.50 salad, but not really worth it.

Sorry, I should have listened my gut and used my flash like I did with the other pictures, but my LCD deceived me again! Anyway, the petrale came with a couple of roasted potatoes. The petrale was light and flakey, but didn't really taste like anything. Well, you could taste the char, but that's about it. It's not something I'd order again. Well, maybe if they deep fried it next time, I'd consider it. Not likely. SK really liked the potatoes though. I gave her one of mine. I agreed that they were good, but I had eaten too much bread and my stomach was too full.

We spent $29 each including tip. It was so-so to me. I'd maybe go back if I had some old people with me. Maybe if my mom ever decides to visit, I'd take her there. She works in a nursing home, so she'd feel at home.

SK and I also went for dim sum that was so lame that I don't think I'm going to even review it. We went to Dynasty Chinese Seafood Restaurant in San Jose. Actually, food wasn't so bad, but the service was heinous. The dessert cart kept coming by, but that's about the only one. Maybe I should give them the benefit of the doubt because it was in the middle of week. Perhaps they don't go all out during the week compared to the weekend.

I think the cooking club that Mr. Cupcake and I joined has dissolved. I've been thinking the last few days that maybe I'd start my own. I'd like to find some foodie types who really enjoy cooking and food in general. I want to find people who love Ina, Paula, and Giada like I do, but also loathe Sandra Lee and Emeril! We'll see.


sarahkim said...

Mmm, the hazelnut cake sounds good. I've been getting compliments on the eyebrow threading, so I may do it again someday. I put up some pictures from the weekend on my Flickr site! Quite a few pictures of Five...

priya said...

can't believe i was looking for a threading place near my house in the south bay........was directed to a blog site..........and ended up finding out someone liked ina,paula and giada like me(husband dear loves giada and his girl rachael)and shares my peeve for sandra lee and emeril!!
whats the thought on alton brown?

abt the cooking club...this eater loves to cook my little one and myself began our own.....fisher price plastic cookware for beginners!

madame cupcake said...

Hi there! If you're still looking for someone who threads, I go to the best threading lady around and she only charges $4! She's in Sunnyvale. Send me an email (click on my profile for the address) and I'll give you her info. I can also tell you about cooking clubs. :)

I still like Alton though I use to like him more in the earlier days. I don't watch his show anymore because I feel like he's covered everything. And Iron Chef America irritates me too much to watch, so I kind of wish he had bailed on that gig.

Fisher Price is great way to turn your little one into a food obsessed foodie. :)