Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I just had an interview, and I'm all bothered by it. I need to stop thinking about it - but I can't! Okay, enough self pity. Blogger to the rescue! Oh wondrous blog, how you make all my sorrows go away.

Last weekend A, S, Mr. Cupcake, and I went to Japantown for the Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco. I was anticipating seeing lots of cherry blossoms in bloom. Instead, there were only a couple of trees here and there. It was a little disappointing. Fortunately, that wasn't the only reason for going. There was also a food bazaar chocked full of interesting little treats to be had.

We walked through the bazaar and because some of the lines were really long, we thought the best strategy would be to split up. A and S went for the BBQ and we went for the strange little balls that had an impossibly long line. We figured with the long line meant there had to be good food.

We waited in line for about 20 minutes for these little balls, and the consensus was that it wasn't worth the wait. It's hard to describe them. They were doughy and had a ton of ginger. A and Mr. Cupcake thought the ginger was too overpowering. There was suppose to be ground beef, but I didn't taste any. We bought 24 balls and had at least 8 leftover. We should have sold the leftovers to the people waiting in the long line.

A and S waited in line for the BBQ pork. The line for the BBQ was long as well, but the operation was more efficient. We had two plates of pork and it wasn't anything to write home about. A thought she could make a better sauce which I could definitely believe. The pork was also very boney. Another disappointment, but we were hungry so we ate it all.

Mr. Cupcake went to get a drink and noticed that there wasn't a line for garlic fries. Now, garlic fries probably aren't Japanese, but they are good. I think it's a local delicacy. I love french fries, but I have to be careful because I get heartburn if I eat too much greasy food. Getting old sucks.

We kept seeing people carrying around green tea ice cream ice cones. I picked one up for Mr. Cupcake. He was waiting in line for something else. I took a bite of the ice cream but wasn't enthralled. I don't really like green tea ice cream. I always want it to taste like mint chocolate chip but it never does.

While I was waiting for ice cream, Mr. Cupcake was waiting for these red bean pancakes. When I was waiting for the doughy balls, some girls were eating them in line and kept raving about how great they were. I decided I had to have one. The pancakes had a very familiar taste to them. A had seen a bunch of Bisquick and we put two and two together. If I had known they were made with Bisquick before hand, I probably would have passed. I could have made these at home - not that I would.

The food bazaar turned out to be a bust. I was happy to be outside though. It seems like sunny days are few and far between lately. I doubt I will be back next year, but I always like to try things at least once. Next time I'll just go to a good Japanese restaurant instead.

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Hungry Jaye said...

Those garlic fries are doing all sorts of things to me. I feel like I can't live without consuming 5 lbs of them! Man they look!