Tuesday, April 04, 2006

dim sum after all

Mr. Cupcake thinks my blog is going astray and I'm talking too much about my boring life instead of food. Soooooooooo, to prove him wrong, I'm going to do a food review! I wasn't going to review Dynasty Chinese Seafood Restaurant, but since my camera is still in a broken state, I changed my mind. Besides, I took pictures of our lunch, so I might as well use them.

When SK came to visit, we decided to go for dim sum. I had read good things about Dynasty, so we went to the San Jose location. The Cupertino location gets blasted in a lot of reviews. Now, I'm not a dim sum connoisseur, but I love it. I really don't know much about the names either, so I try to feel my way around. The first time I had dim sum was in Cincinnati, OH. Of course, it's not known for its dim sum, but we went anyway. I thought it was good, but not blow my mind good. I went a few more times after that. Then after moving out here, R. came to visit and we went to Koi Palace in Daly City, and holy shit, the food is amazing!!! I never knew dim sum could be so good until that experience. I really had high hopes for Dynasty.

When we walk in, we were presented with this very grand staircase. The restaurant is on the second floor, and is huge! It wasn't packed when we arrived, but it was still pretty busy for the lunch rush. We were seated towards the back of the restaurant. We ordered Jasmine tea, and waited for the carts.

We started off with shrimp cherng fun. It's shrimp wrapped in a rice noodle and they pour a sauce over it when it's served. I picked the dish out because I remember having it at Koi Palace and liking it a lot. It's also R.'s favorite dish but he prefers beef. The noodle was thick and fluffy while the shrimp was soft. I liked it, but thought the noodle was a little too fluffy. However, it didn't take long for us to finish it off, so it definitely wasn't bad. :)

We waited a long time for more carts to show up. The dessert cart came frequently, and the tripe soup also made its rounds, but we passed. We sat there for a long time with the shrimp cherng fun as our only dish. It was somewhat annoying because we were hungry. Eventually, other carts starting making their way and we picked up some shumai. It arrived and we snatched it up. I thought it was pretty good, but nothing to write home about. SK only took a few bites and left it at that. I don't think she particularly cared for it. Oh, and it does come with four shumai, but I forgot to take a picture since I was so hungry.

SK and I were getting tired of waiting. The dessert cart was very persistent, so SK picked up some egg tarts. I didn't take a picture, but they weren't anything special. They definitely did not compare to the Golden Gate Bakery. I don't like egg tarts, but I can appreciate Golden Gate's version. The egg tarts at Dynasty looked oily on top and not very appetizing. I don't think SK minded these though, but unfortunately, we didn't have a chance to hit up Golden Gate. I'm pretty sure she would have thought these paled in comparison.

SK really wanted some fluffy buns, so she asked one of the waiters if they were going to bring any out. They said in 10 minutes. We waited and waited as the dessert cart went by again. A waitress eventually made a special delivery for us. SK had a proper name for the buns when she asked, but I don't know what it was, so I'm just going to call these steamed sweet pork bun. These were the best item we had. The dough was sweet and fluffy, and the inside contained a sweet pork filling. They were very good and I wish we had more, but it was a struggle to get these three.

The restaurant started clearing out and the wait staff was even less attentive if you could imagine. We did have one last opportunity to get more food, so we picked out this tofu dish. The tofu was very soft and was topped with shrimp. SK really liked this dish, but the tofu was too soft for me. It just fell apart in my mouth which I wasn't crazy about. The shrimp was balled together. It was okay, but not my favorite.

Towards the end, a few large parties came in and carts huddled around them. We realized we had no chance of getting their attention, so we called it quits. We were tired of waiting around. Dynasty is next door to a Vietnamese mall, so we figured we could pick up something there afterwards if we were still hungry.

Our total bill not including tip was slightly over $16. I was very put off by the service, so I'm not sure if I'll be back. There didn't seem to be a ton of variety either, but that could be because it was in the middle of the week. They might go all out on the weekends, which I might be willing to try. However, there are other dim sum places I'd like to visit. I've heard a lot of raves about a place in Millbrae across from the Bart station. I'd also like to go back to Koi Palace one day.

We ended up not getting anymore food after dim sum. I found I was pretty content. I guess that's what they call stopping when you're full. I usually tend to gorge myself, so I'm not familiar with this method. Although, in the mall, we did see one of the shops pressing sugar cane for drinks. I was tempted, but managed to pass.

My list of restaurants that I want to visit keeps growing. I recently received a great list of Korean and sushi places from J. I also have heard great things about a new Vietnamese restaurant in Mountain View. However, I can't go anywhere without a new camera. The good news is I think I've decided on a camera. After much consideration, I think I'm going with the Sony DSC-W50. Now, I just have to order it and then I will have more to share!

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sarahkim said...

Life can't be boring with Aveda tea!! ;) I think what I asked the waiters for was gai bao, which upon retrospect, I think means chicken buns. Perhaps Rick could enlighten us.