Thursday, April 27, 2006


The Cherry Blossom Festival was a bust, but we didn't let it ruin our day. R's good friends CI and C are in the process of moving to the Bay area. They spent the day apartment shopping, so the plan was to meet up with them at Burma Superstar for dinner. This restaurant has been on A's wish list for some time now. Burma Superstar is a small restaurant in the Richmond district and the word on the street is that it's always packed. Before we went, Mr. Cupcake called and put us on the waiting list (they don't take reservations). We had about an hour to get there.

When we arrived, there was quite a line outside the door. Since we called ahead, we only had to wait about another 20 minutes which wasn't bad. CI and C didn't rent a car, so they took the bus. They still weren't there when the hostess called us. She was hesitant to give us our table since our entire party wasn't there. She apparently gets in trouble when she does this. We told her that if they didn't show up soon, we'd order for them. We went ahead and ordered some appetizers and stalled for a bit. I was relieved when they showed up 10 minutes later.

I'd never had Burmese food before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I started the night off with some fresh coconut juice and was excited for what was to come.

Here we have the Rainbow salad. It contained 22 ingredients that included noodles, green papaya, tofu, onions, dried shrimp, and a tamarind dressing. It was quite tasty. The salad had very fresh flavors and I would easily order it again.

Our other appetizer was the Burmese Samusas. It normally comes with five samusas, but our waitress asked if we wanted six. The samusas were stuffed with spices, potatoes, and minced chicken. I wasn't taken with these so much. They were good, just not amazing. The outside was light and crispy, and the inside had lots of potatoes and spices. I've had similar elsewhere, so I'd rather try something else next time.

When we ordered, we weren't expecting to share, but as all the dishes arrived, we changed our minds. I'm not sure who ordered what and what some of the dishes were, but I'll do my best to remember.

I really wanted something with coconut for dinner because I love coconut. I debated over two coconut noodle dishes, but I couldn't decide which one I wanted, so I asked our waitress. She suggested a completely different coconut noodle dish and said it was her favorite. I went with it. I have to say the noodles didn't blow me away. It was surprisingly bland. Fortunately, we were sharing dishes, so I wasn't the only one stuck with the bland noodles.

This was a spicy shrimp dish. I'm not sure which one it was. We ordered two shrimp dishes that were similar, but the other one was better. This one was just shrimp in a spicy sauce.

We ordered three types of rice to go with our meal. I'm not sure which one this was, but it was good. However, it wasn't as good as the coconut rice. The coconut rice so moist and coconutty. I could have easily eaten just the coconut rice and been happy. I didn't take a picture though. There was so much food coming at us that it was too hard to keep up.

I think S ordered the sesame beef. I'm glad he did because it was so good. I don't even like beef, but I loved this dish. It had just the right amount of sweet and tanginess to it.

This was the other shrimp dish. I remember liking this one a lot more. I think it was in a curry sauce. I know, not very descriptive. I'm a bad food blogger. I was overwhelmed because there was so much food. It was hard to take in. Yes, I have many excuses. There were two other dishes that I didn't get a picture of. They were both very similar. One was beef and the other was pork but both had potatoes. In hindsight, we should have ordered a more diverse selection because we had some very similar dishes. Hindsight is always 20/20.

I was stuffed after dinner. I decided to pass on dessert. I know, travesty! I just didn't think I could do it after all that food. Fortunately, Mr. Cupcake could. He went with the Coconut Custard Fritters.

OMG. I would go back just for these fritters. The outside was so crispy and perfect. The inside contained a soft, translucent coconut filling. The fritters were warm and the ice cream and strawberries pulled the whole dish together. Amazing. I'm forever grateful that Mr. Cupcake didn't pass on dessert that night.

Our total bill including tip was $180 for 6 people. Everyone in our group was extremely satisfied. We could have hung out at our table for awhile, but it was after 9 and the crowd outside was still large. We felt bad, so we took off so someone else could experience the euphoria of Burma Superstar. It lived up to the hype, but definitely call ahead if you go. I look forward to many more visits in the future.


mr cupcake said...

I'm forever grateful that Mr. Cupcake didn't pass on dessert that night.

You could make me some rice pudding as a thank you... mmm rice pudding.

Hsan said...

if you'd like to try next time, here is my suggestion:
tea leaf salad, mote hin khar (burmese noodle) nan gyi dote (noodle salad) and burmese fried rice. They used to be very good and not pricey but after the renovation price went up a some dishes are westernized. Nevertheless above mentioned dishes are above average, in my opinion. enjoy :)