Wednesday, April 05, 2006


This isn't a food related post, but I feel compelled to share. Last week I was pissed off because my camera broke. I had finally started using my camera on a regular basis for this food blog, and then it stopped working. My piece of shit Canon camera was a mere 15 months old before it suffered a most tragic E18 death. Of course at 15 months, I was past the one year warranty, so I thought I was SOL. Tonight, however, I rejoice! I have to send some sweet love to my favorite credit card ever! That's right American Express, I'm talking to you!

Mr. Cupcake happened to remember that American Express will double the length of a typical warranty (with some restrictions of course) if the item was bought with their card. He spoke with them tonight, and they're going to refund the full cost of my broke ass camera to our credit card within two weeks. They said to keep the broken camera until then. Holla!

I'm trying to bask in my good fortune because I'm fighting other battles right now. Our DSL is busted because our phone line doesn't have a dial tone. SBC is being a bitch and won't fix it until the middle of next week. We found if we call our land line with a cell phone and leave them talking to each other, the DSL will work. Call it desperation if you will, but unfortunately it's not fool proof. It's playing nice right now, which is why I'm able to blog. Yes, I haven't been online all day, and my first instinct is to blog. I'm an addict!

Anyway, I just wanted to share my good fortune for the short time that my DSL is up. Since I probably won't have regular Internet for a week, I've decided I'm going to bake. I spent much of the day reading Baking Illustrated absorbing all these newfound techniques. By next week I should have interesting things to report. Oh and if you send me an email or IM, and I don't respond in a timely manner, blame SBC. It's okay, at least I still have love for American Express!

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mr cupcake said...

Internet deprivation at its finest.

The traditional thing to make when the internet is broken is rice pudding.