Sunday, May 28, 2006

everyone say "awwwwww"

I am exhausted. Sorry for the lack of an update lately. We have been really busy this past week and I'm trying really hard to not fall asleep right now. It's too early for me to go to sleep though. I figured if I started blogging, it'd delay my need to sleep; at least for the moment.

Anyway, over the weekend, we went to San Francisco and visited the two major farmer's markets. I will blog about all details (plus so many other things) another day. I just wanted to show a picture of the peonies we bought from a street vendor near Union Square.

Peonies are near and dear to my heart. We used them in our wedding and I have been fond of them ever since. Tomorrow, Mr. Cupcake and I will have been married for 1 year. It's amazing how fast time flies. Anyway, I was ecstatic to find peonies because they have such a short blooming cycle thus they're hard to find. Mr. Cupcake enjoyed it when a lady saw me carrying my prized flowers and shrieked "oooohh peonies!".

It's been a really great year, and I look forward to many more. And Five told me he is happy he's no longer our bastardly cat.


mr cupcake said...

Food content: Peony - In China the fallen petals are parboiled and sweetened as a tea-time delicacy. Blown petals add haunting perfume to a summer salad.

Jaye said...

Happy Aniversary Mister and Missus Cupcake!

And what a beautiful flower for a wedding, very unique and lovely.

PS. Curious to see the posting about the two farmer's markets. Wondering if they're as good as Boston's....

madame cupcake said...

Thank you Jaye! It's so nice of you! :) I adore peonies because they're so pretty and they smell amazing.

Farmer's markets were night and day. Will blog about them in tonight or tomorrow with pictures!