Friday, May 05, 2006

poker: part 3

This will be the last post in my poker series. It will make more sense if you start with "poker: part 1" and make your way up.

For my final item, I didn't bake. I wanted versatility. Perhaps they wanted salty instead of sweet, so I needed that to be an option. Finally, I decided upon dip. I thought chips and dip would make for good poker food. However, this wasn't going to be any ordinary kind of dip. It had to be special. It had to be my girl crush Ina's Pan Fried Onion Dip. This onion dip is made with caramelized onions. I read raves on the Internet. I printed the recipe. I was ready.

The recipe called for sliced of onions. I didn't want to have huge dangly strands, so I threw the onion into the food processor and pulsed like a mad woman. I sauteed for 10 minutes and then let the onions do their thing for another 20.

Five being the loyal companion that he is, sat with me as we waited for the onions to finish. The onions caramelized and I threw them into my KitchenAid mixer with some sour cream, cream cheese, and mayo and thus the pan fried onion dip was born!

I tasted it and my immediate reaction was disappointment. How could this be?! The raves! The undying affection towards this onion dip turned out to be a total fallacy. Disappoint overcame me. I covered it and threw it into the fridge, and it was not to be heard from again. That is until this morning. After I ate my chocolate chip cookie, I decided to I needed to give it another chance. It is Cinco De Mayo afterall. A day to celebrate with Mexico by eating totally unrelated food! I tried it with a baked chip. Not bad. I tried it again with a kettle cooked chip. Not bad at all! I was beginning to understand the accolades and the devotion. A little time given to meld the flavors turned out to be a good thing. Unfortunately, tis only I who will be able to experience this dip. Mr. Cupcake hates dips of all kinds which is something I did not know. However, I will not experience two full cups of pan fried onion dip on my own. Perhaps I will invite over my Mexican friends and we will celebrate this day by eating dip! Except, I don't have any Mexican friends in California, so it will probably meet an untimely trash can death. Forgive me Ina!

The moral of the story: I guess I need to practice my poker food offerings. Mr. Cupcake took the leftover cookies and macaroons into work, so we couldn't eat them all. If Mr. Cupcake hosts poker again, I will be sure to be on my game.

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