Saturday, May 06, 2006

strawberry fields

Mr. Cupcake was craving dessert. He decided he was going to get ice cream until he realized he wanted to finish watching his movie. Therefore, ice cream didn't happen. Earlier today, we went to the Milk Pail Market because I needed an onion. While we were there, we snagged some blackberries and strawberries.

A ripe strawberry is amazing, but it's so hard to find. Most strawberries look plump and delicious, but taste like water. The best strawberries were from the wild strawberry patch that grew in my mom's garden growing up. I picked them by the handfuls until my fingers were stained from the red juices. Those days are long gone, yet I still crave the sweet, succulent berry.

Anyway, I offered to make Mr. Cupcake some chocolate covered strawberries since I had some leftover chocolate from the macaroons. He declined. Instead he went with yogurt and blackberries. I, however, decided to romance myself and went ahead and dipped the strawberries.

The strawberries were lackluster, but just like the macaroons, the chocolate made them into something delectable. Mr. Cupcake later changed his mind and ended up eating some of my chocolate dipped strawberries. He then dipped a pretzel into the leftover melted chocolate. I tried to take a picture when he showed me, but he then shoved it into his mouth to prevent me from doing so. Mr. Cupcake is mean.


Jaye said...

He initially gave up the offer of homemade chocolate covered strawberries??? Men!

madame cupcake said...

Yes, but they eventually cave in. They always do. ;)

I visited your blog the other day. Sorry to hear all the troubles you're having over there. I have a friend obsessed with Livejournal. So much so he copied and paasted my entire blog over there. lol. Hopefully things will be better! :)