Thursday, June 08, 2006

my favorite mexican

Mr. Cupcake and I have been eating a lot of Mexican food lately. There are a ton of taquerias in the area, and so it's a great way to have pretty good food for seemingly cheap. On this particular day, we hit up Los Charros Taqueria in Mountain View. This is probably my favorite place for Mexican food. There's several of reasons for this including it's good, cheap, and fast. Three important elements for a good dining experience on the go. We were in a rush as Mr. Cupcake had to go play poker (again).

Mr. Cupcake and I mulled over the menu for a bit while munching on chips and two types of salsas:


And not.

Just so you know, I am a chips and salsa fiend. The main reason I don't like to go out for Mexican food is because I gorge myself on chips and salsa before my meal makes it out. Sometimes I have to get two rounds of chips because one isn't enough. Since chips and salsa are free, I guess I could go in and just order a water, and eat chips and salsa. Then my meal would be free! Though, they probably wouldn't let me back in if I tried that. Besides, in the past year, I've started getting heart burn if I eat too many tortilla chips. It makes me sad, but I still find it worth suffering through the heartburn. Okay, enough about my problems. Mr. Cupcake preferred the latter salsa as did I. I just like fresh tomatoes and cilantro. It makes for a happy combination.

Mr. Cupcake wanted a burrito that fine evening. He still has fond memories of the burrito at Taqueria LaBamba a few weeks ago, so he ordered the carnitas (shredded pork).

Not much of a picture, but he loved it. He particularly liked the shredded pork was slightly crispy. He thought the overall balance of ingredients was very good. Although, if they grilled the outside like Taqueria LaBamba, he said it'd be the ultimate burrito. I'm sure if he asked, they could probably fulfill all his burrito desires.

When I come here, I usually order a taco and a super taco, both with chicken. California tacos are a lot different compared to the tacos I'm use to. Instead of the deep fried taco shell, there are two corn tortillas that are laid flat and topped with shredded chicken, lettuce and salsa. The super taco is the same as the regular taco except it has guacamole, sour cream, a slice of tomato on top. This time, however, I ordered a tamale and a super taco.

I have been wanting some more tamale love ever since the Alameda Farmer's Market, and today was the day. Unfortunately, the tamale was a bit on the lackluster side. The outside was fairly dense, and I definitely prefer fluffy. It wasn't the end of the world, but next time I'll just stick to the tacos.

Here is my super taco and let me tell you my friends, it was super. Well, as super as a taco can be. I don't think I'll ever die from taco euphoria the way I might from chocolate euphoria. In any case, it was good and made me happy.

The total damage for this meal including two waters was just slightly over a whopping $12. That's right, cheap. I don't know how the place stays in business because the rent has to be sky high. In any case, it's good for me and my chip eating needs.

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