Friday, July 14, 2006

five, food snob?

I lied. I said I wasn't going to post again until after the move. I really shouldn't post. I should be packing. We're suppose to move on Sunday and there's a whole lot of stuff that still needs to go into boxes. I can't help myself though. It's just that last night, it came to our attention that our fat cat Five is indeed a food snob. It's so bad he's willing to starve himself.

Here's the story. I use to feed Five Iams. That was all well and good until I started reading about how Iam's uses a lot of fillers and there were better products out there. Well, then I decided to feed him Nutro Natural Choice.

I didn't want him to get sick, so I mixed the Natural Choice in with his Iams to wean him off his old food. It turned out that wasn't really necessary. He loved the Nutro so much that he started eating around the Iams and that's all that was left in his bowl. Fair enough. We were done with Iams.

Fast forward to December of last year when we first moved to California. I had to buy him more cat food. I accidently bought him Nutro Max Cat which is the lower tier in the Nutro line. I fed it to him and he seemed to eat it. Though not as much. I was feeding him 1/2 a cup a day and the vet thought that was weird. In 4 months my 20 lb. cat went to a 17 lb. cat. Five seemed fine, so she let it go.

One day, I got a coupon in the mail for a free 4 lb. bag of Nutro Natural Choice. I redeemed the coupon and fed Five some of this food. He scarfed it down and demanded to be fed more often. Interesting. Well, the 4 lb. bag didn't last very long and we went back to the Max Cat. That's when Five started to starve himself. The cat would not eat the food. It'd been 3 days and he'd maybe eaten half a cup of the Max Cat. I of course flipped out and didn't want him to starve himself to death. He is afterall my companion during the day. Mr. Cupcake and I bought 10 lb. bag of Natural Choice last night. I gave him a half a cup of food last night and this morning it was gone. He of course wanted more when I woke up.

I guess he takes after his owners. Mr. Cupcake says this is my fault. I justify it by reminding him how much shinier and fluffier Five's fur is, and how happy Five is now! I don't think he buys it though.

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