Wednesday, July 05, 2006

oh beautiful 11.75 inch red skillet!

I know I promised more updates. My Mac is holding all of my pictures hostage right now, so until I get a new power adapter, all of my delicious outings will have to be put on hold. However, it's still your lucky day because I do have a new update even without my old pictures.

Mr. Cupcake and I celebrated our one year anniversary back in May. A surprise came in the mail and we had found that Mr. Cupcake's aunt and uncle had sent us a very lovely card and a belated wedding gift. He tried to find the perfect gift, but has now left us with the task of doing so - preferably something romantic. Romantic? Perhaps crystal? Flowers delivered monthly? A Le Creuset pan? Ding ding ding!! What's romantic about a pan you ask? Everything! It's the even heat distribution (essential when stuck with crappy electric burners). It's the pretty primary colors. And besides, it's French and aren't the French famous for love? Or is that Italy? Whatever. It's not what comes in the pan, it's what comes out of it. Just think of the possibilities! Perfectly seared steaks (says R), frittatas; it's endless!

Anyway, my good friend R was in town for nearly two weeks so we along with W, headed to Gilroy, garlic capital of the world, to do some outlet shopping. My mission was to visit the Le Creuset Outlet. However, I became sidetracked by the offerings at Banana and JCew. We eventually made our way there, and to my delight, they were offering 20% off. It was destiny.

So there you have it. My pretty red 11.75 inch skillet ready for its first use. I'm not sure what we'll make. It'll have to be something delectable. Le sigh.

We still have leftover from Auntie and Uncle Cupcake's gift. I'm trying to sway Mr. Cupcake into buying the matching red Le Creuset Dutch oven (tee hee) er.. French oven. He's not convinced we'll use it and wants to see if we even like this pan (of course we do!). Maybe I will have to pull out my secret weapon and tell him I can make rice pudding with it...

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