Tuesday, July 11, 2006

yum yum for dim sum

The last time R came into to town, we went to Koi Palace in Daly City and had amazing dim sum. Granted, my dim sum experience is somewhat limited being that I grew up in the Midwest. Chinese food in the Midwest is very much Americanized for the corn fed palate. Now, don't get me wrong, I love things like crab rangoon and the overly sweet dishes like General Tso's Chicken. However, in the six months I've been living in the Bay area, I have to say I love the diverse range of Asian food. The variety is amazing.

Anyway, R and I decided we absolutely had to go to Koi Palace again. I've read a lot of grumblings on the Internet about how there can be as much as a two hour wait on the weekends to get a table. Both visits I've made have been during the weekday right when the restaurant opened, and while we didn't have to wait for a table, the parking lot was full.

We had some newbies to Koi Palace and also to the world of dim sum, so R and I did most of the ordering. We didn't order off the carts and instead ordered off the menu. I'm not a big fan of ordering off the carts because there's no way of telling how long the food has been sitting there. R also tells me that it's cheaper to order off the menu versus taking food off the carts. I had no idea.

The pan fried pork dumplings were my favorite just like they were last time. The bottom was light brown from being pan fried which gave it a nice crispy texture. The rest of the bun was fluffy and soft. I love the fluffy buns. We tried to get the steamed BBQ pork bun, but we couldn't find them on the menu. However, they definitely have them since our server was carrying some when she dropped these off. It's okay. As you'll soon see, we had too much food anyway.

This was one of the cherng fun dishes. I know we ordered at least three of them including beef, shrimp, and vegetable. We might have ordered another one, but I can't remember. I didn't eat any this time just because we ordered too much.

Here we have a green onion pancake. It was definitely different than any other green onion pancake I've tried. The outside was crispy, but a little too hard for my taste.

I think this was a spinach and shrimp dumpling. I can't remember if I ate one of these.

Another shrimp dumpling. I don't think I ate one of these either. I do like shrimp, so I'm not sure why I passed on these two. I'll chalk it up to too much food.

We ordered some egg rolls just because they're a familiar item for those who hadn't been for dim sum before. The egg rolls were about what you'd expect, so nothing to really write home about.

R tells me this dumpling is called chew zhou fun gaow. It has ground pork, veggies, cilantro, and peanuts. I just remember that they fell apart and were messy.

Here we have the steamed rice wrapped in lotus leaf. I probably should have unwrapped it for you, but I didn't. I love this type of steamed rice. It has chicken, chinese sausage and mushrooms. The rice is sticky and and sweet.

The Shanghai dumplings were just about everyone's favorite. The skin is a bit thicker than say those at HC Dumpling House, but they stay together. It's also not quite as juicy, but it's also not pure fat. The dumplings come with a dipping sauce that is very good as well. An order comes with 10 dumplings. We were actually considering getting 2 order of the Shanghai dumplings and 2 orders of the pan fried dumplings which would have meant 40 dumplings. It's good that we didn't, but it's so hard because my eyes are bigger than my stomach.

My last picture is of the custard buns. This is the first time I've had custard buns here. I loved it though. The custard wasn't too sweet and the bun was nice and fluffy. I will definitely be getting these in the future.

We ordered more food including drunken chicken, sesame balls, black seasame balls, more dumplings, and some other stuff I'm probably forgetting. The food kept coming and I wasn't able to keep up.

Our total cost came to $100 before tip. I know it seems like a lot for dim sum, but there were 6 of us and we ordered more food than what was necessary. I highly recommend Koi Palace. However, be prepared to wait if you don't come when they open. Also, they use MSG, so if you're afraid, then you might want to pass.

It's going to be a bit before I post again. We're moving this weekend to a new place. No worries, it's just down the street. Unfortunately, moving is still a pain. We're not really packed and I hear we don't have a truck. Should prove to be interesting.


Anonymous said...

This is "R"

You have to keep in mind that this restaurant allows you to order your food, and accordingly, you can pass on the food on the carts. I recommend ordering the food because you guarantee that what you get is FRESH and piping hot with steam. This is how all the good restaurants in Vancouver and Hong Kong operate.

Anonymous said...

I Love To Eat At A Dim Sum Place It Taste Awesome!!