Sunday, August 20, 2006

caribbean in the bay

On Friday, Mr. Cupcake and I decided to do dinner and a movie. I wanted to see "Little Miss Sunshine". Since I picked the movie, Mr. Cupcake wanted to pick our dinner destination. I was fine with this except his answer for dinner was In-n-Out Burger. Now, don't get me wrong, I like In-n-Out Burger on occasion. The thing is, that's always his answer for dinner. I vetoed and told him that we were going to Back A Yard Caribbean American Grill in Menlo Park instead.

The restaurant is very tiny, but also seemingly popular. There are only four tables on the inside, so there was a steady line for people doing take out the entire time we were there. We were lucky and managed to grab a table.

I ordered the jerk chicken dinner. It came with a mix of dark and white meat chicken, salad, fried plantains, and rice and beans. The chicken varied. Some pieces were juicy and some seemed a little dry. The jerk was pretty good, but a little salty for my taste. Mr. Cupcake and I both enjoyed the plantains. They were very sweet and the texture was soft. The salad wasn't anything to write home about, and I don't like rice and beans. Mr. Cupcake on the other hand loves rice and beans. He was particularly fond of these and finished them off my plate. He really liked that they had a hint of coconut flavor to them.

I also ordered a pineapple ginger juice. It was pretty terrible and I don't recommend it. The ginger was too overpowering.

Mr. Cupcake ordered the pork ribs. The meat was incredibly tender, practically falling off the bone. Mr. Cupcake declared that these ribs were better than Kansas City BBQ. Now, being that I grew up in Kansas City, I had to inform him that was wrong. He then back tracked and said that they were maybe not as good as Arthur Bryant's. I have to admit that these ribs were quite good. As far as the rest of his meal, the french fries were fresh and the coleslaw was mayonnaisey. If his ribs had come with my plantains and rice and beans, then it would have been a perfect meal for Mr. Cupcake.

Our total bill was $23 even. The menu at Back A Yard is pretty vast. There are things like oxtail and goat. We will be back for sure. Though, we may have to settle for takeout. The place is so tiny, and getting a table is not guaranteed.

We didn't end up seeing the movie. We left Five outside the whole time we were gone, so we had to go back and let him in. He tends to get pissy when we forget about him.


Anonymous said...

what? five pissy? NEVER!
we tried that spot today and it was good. I agree with mr.cupcake about the rice and beans. I agree the plantains were also very good. As for the main course, try the jerk pork. If you like pork, you'll love this cause it's very tender and juicy. see? your comments actually helps me decide where to eat! :)

madame cupcake said...

Damnit. I knew I should have had the pork. I don't know why I ordered chicken when prefer pork anyway. I was caught up in the moment. Next time!

I'm glad I can help. Though now, the pressure is on to produce quality material every time! Oh the pressure! ;)