Saturday, August 12, 2006

company picnic

I have a headache that seems to be eating my brain. Therefore, if you find this is the suckiest post ever, then you can blame the headache.

Yesterday, was Mr. Cupcake's company picnic. The theme was Alice in Wonderland, and as usual, the company went all out. We were greeted by Alice, and a guy with a clock at which point, Mr. Cupcake took off to sign up for the poker tournament, leaving me to my own devices. He eventually found his way back and we did a short loop before he had to go play poker.

As we walked, we picked up some fried mushrooms. There were also waffle fries with an array of toppings including ketchup, cheese, chili, etc.

Next to fries and mushrooms stood the mini hamburgers and veggie burgers.

There were lots of finger foods including fruit tarts (yum!), brownies, and some kind of wraps. For every stand, there were several more nearby with the same stuff.

Mr. Cupcake was not a fan of the egg salad finger sandwiches.

I think these are scones. I'm not sure because I didn't have any.

In the main dining area, there was chicken satay, pulled pork, cole slaw, beans, and some other stuff. At this point Mr. Cupcake took off and I met up with Soo and Chris. I'm becoming their third wheel since Mr. Cupcake has a tendency to disappear.

I went with a fruit cup and some pulled pork. The pork was actually pretty good. They ran out of buns early though so the pork had to be eaten with a fork. We were disappointed by the lack of buns so early, until we found a mound that was completely untouched in the poker area. We of course ate again.

Before we found the buns, we gorged ourselves on some waffle fries. Sorry, no picture. We were too busy watching the white rabbit.

A reggae band was playing near the main food area. There was also another band on the other side of the amphitheatre.

This little guy had the right idea. There was a petting zoo filled with little animals for the kids to play with. While all the cute little bunnies and goats were running away from the kids, this pig played dead. And the kids stayed away.

I was a little bummed that I missed out on the make your own sundae and all the ice cream/popsicle options. Unfortunately, I was too full and I also had to leave early to take Five to the vet. My poor cat has signs of cancer, so he his needs took precedence.

Mr. Cupcake made it to the final poker table and came in 11th. Later, he came home with a book and a dvd signed by Phil Gordan. Apparently he's a professional poker player who was also the announcer. Shows you what I know.


Sooiepoo said...

Ugh! those google fries did me in with their chili and (fake?) gooey cheese toppings! but oh so yummy... You are ALWAYS welcome to join Chris and I. My tummy has never been so (too) happy. Without you we'd be eating the same 3 meals every night on rotation.

mrcupcake said...

No more secret codenames?! My feedback is paying off. Now where's my rice pudding?

madame cupcake said...

Can't say I was a fan of the fake cheese, but the fries were good. Deep fried = my friend. It's good to know I have a place to go when Mr. Cupcake feels the need to feed his addictions. :)

Yes, most code names are gone. It's too annoying to write, let alone read. Lucky for you, you're still Mr. Cupcake.

I don't remember any rice pudding requests. Try again.

mrcupcake said...

poker poker poker poker poker poker poker poker poker poker poker

Here you go: can I have some rice pudding?

sooiepoo said...

I think your rice pudding link is broken. I keep clicking on it to see if I can get the recipe, but it always takes me to a different link... puddin sounds good... mmmm