Sunday, August 27, 2006

fun with ricky

Rick came into town to visit Chris, Soo and I because his airlines benefits at his new job kicked in. He was here for less than 48 hours, so we crammed in as many activites as we could. We had two must visits while Rick was here: Koi Palace and The Golden Gate Bakery. We ate dim sum at Koi Palace though this was the first time we had to wait for a table. Not a big deal; we were happy to be there. Our next destination, however, was not as sunny. We went to the Golden Gate Bakery, and sadly found this sign:

They were closed for vacation! Words cannot express our disappointment. No egg tarts. No coconut tarts. No curry. We tried hard to fight back the tears. What made matters worse was that there was someone inside. The lights were on. It was like somone was trying to play a cruel joke. So cruel.

We decided the only way to make up for it was by having dinner. We're emotional eaters. When times are tough, we seek out that bloated yet always comforting feeling.

The last time I saw my sister-in-law she told me the best place in San Francisco for Korean food is Brother's Restaurant. It's located on Geary Street. The restaurant is tiny, but it's also very popular. Unfortunately popular means having to wait. It was chaotic trying to get a number in line. There was one lady who was handing out numbers written on post it notes, but she kept disappearing. Eventually Soo caught her and we waited about half an hour before being seated.

We ordered a bunch of dishes and chose not to cook tableside. Instead, we let the restaurant prepare the BBQ for us. Though, if you prefer to cook your meat, they use the charcoal briquets.

We were offered up a pretty good mix of side dishes. My favorite was the daikon radish threads mixed with carrots (lower right). It had a nice sweet flavor.

The bul go gi (beef) was good. That's about all I can say about it because I don't really like beef. Besides, the flavor wasn't as intense as the pork. Oh the pork!

Notice how the pork bul go gi is served in a cow. This was my favorite dish of the night. The flavor was intense and also spicy. Out of the four Korean restaurants I've been to since moving to the Bay area, this version of pork bul go gi takes the cake.

Soo was particularly fond of the flounder. It was fried, but not greasy. This made for a crispy crust that complimented the white fish. The bones were still in so we had to work around them. Rick passed on the eyeball when Soo tried to give it to him.

I'm usually not a fan of the slimy noodle dish, but this was pretty good. If you like chap chae, you'll probably like this version.

This was the soup that kept us from ordering the family meal. The family meal comes with mandu (dumpling) soup. We might have been better off with the mandu soup. The tofu soup was a bit bland compared to some of the other versions I've tried.

Our last dish was the Combination Jun Platter. It was a mix of seafood and vegetables. I don't know what was in the batter, but the mushroom I had was a little too soft and greasy for my taste. Besides, by the time this dish came out, I was already full. We have a tendency to order way too much when we go out. Our new rule of thumb is to order as many dishes as there are people and no more. It's great in theory, but I'm not sure if it'll really work for us.

Our total came to about $82 before tax and tip. Everyone was pleased with the meal. I took the leftovers to Mr. Cupcake who was stuck on call. He loves Korean food, but everytime we go, it seems he's on call. I told him I'd take him because this is definitely the best Korean food I've had in the Bay area thus far. Oh, and one tip: we heard that you can call in ahead and get a number. It might make the wait bearable in those peak times.

Come back again soon Rick!


mrcupcake said...

And all the while I was at home, alone, working on the cars. What do I get for this hard work? Leftover korean food.

It's no rice pudding, that's for sure.

sooiepoo said...

tell mr cupcake thanks again for fixing my car. next time we'll come over to cook and we can make lots and lots of rice pudding!