Monday, August 14, 2006

japanese tapas

After the picnic on Friday, Soo, Chris, Yeuhi, Mr. Cupcake, and I grabbed some dinner at Yume-Ya in Sunnyvale. We originally intended to go to Saizo, but couldn't get a reservation because no one wanted to answer the phone. We opted to explore new territory and gave Yume-Ya a try.

The restaurant is a little tricky to find. Just look for the Radio Shack. There's also a Trader Joe's nearby.

When we walked in, there were three men sitting at the sushi bar, and that was it. We waited for Yeuhi to arrive, so we looked over the menu for a long time. Our waitress was eager to accommodate us, but we held out.

Chris wanted an order of gyoza. It was pretty typical. I liked that the outside was crispy, but I never get super excited for gyoza.

We ordered the Japanese style spring rolls. For some reason I assumed that the spring rolls would be fried. Keep in mind that the menu is not descriptive, so sometimes it's taking a chance. The spring rolls were different, but also very fresh and light. It was a nice contrast to the fried dishes.

The agedashi tofu was tasty. The outside had a lightly fried crust and was sauce went well. I am beginning to like tofu more and more these days.

The potato croquette may have been my favorite dish of the night. The outside was crispy and inside oozed with a smooth, slighty sweet potato filling. I'd go back just for this dish.

At this point, we ordered our main courses. Soo and I chose to order more tapas to share including another potato croquette.

Our first dish was a cucumber, seaweed, and sesame salad. It had a pickled flavor and was okay. I think I was still dreaming about having another croquette.

I'll give this dish the award for the most interesting of the night. It was deep fried lotus root stuffed with shrimp. I can't say I've had anything like it before, but I liked it in that "this is unique" way. And yes, I mean unique as in good. Not unique as in "special".

The tuna poke was right up there with the potato croquette. The tuna was spicy and garlicky. Soo liked this dish so much that she plans on ordering just a couple of pokes with some rice the next time she comes. Yes, it was that good.

Mr. Cupcake ordered the Miso-katsu dinner, which was a deep fried pork cutlet. It came with salad, miso soup, and rice. He wasn't super excited for the meal because the pork was dry. I thought it paled in comparison with some of the other dishes we ordered.

Chris ordered the Chirashi Sushi which is sushi rice with pieces of fish scattered on top. He was impressed with the quality of the fish as well as the variety.

The only downside from the experience is that we had a few issues with our server. Soo and I ordered two more dishes that never arrived. Sadly, this included that potato croquette. We were crushed that it never came. It turns out it never even made it on the ticket. It didn't end there. Yeuhi ordered oysters and out came octopus. Our server was definitely flustered, but fixed it. My only other nitpick was that we were neglected for awhile. However, part of this is probably our fault. Our server was very attentive in the beginning, but because we weren't ready, we kept sending her away. Honestly, the service has since been a distant memory because I all I can think about is how good the food was.

Our total bill before tax, tip, and alcohol was about $82 for five people. We were all surprised by the bill because the food is extremely affordable and the quality is outstanding. I didn't capture all of our dishes (bad food blogger!), so you're missing out on several more dishes. I actually liked this place better than Saizo just because I thought the variety was more appealing. Mr. Cupcake on the other hand prefers Saizo. I think this means we'll have to give each one another go to declare the ultimate champion in the intergalactic battle of the izakayas.

Oh and during our three hour dinner, the restaurant filled up. However, the three men who were sitting at the counter when we arrived, were still there when we left sharing drinks with the sushi chef.

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