Tuesday, September 19, 2006

nutella + waffle = divine

I was going to blog about this earlier, but I forgot. After we ate shabu-shabu at Shabuway with Mikey and Alice, Mr. Cupcake and I found we were still hungry. The shabu-shabu didn't fill us up. Mikey and Alice had to take off and go see Dave Matthews. Mr. Cupcake and I, however, had nothing else to do, so we headed to Milpitas.

Milpitas has this huge shopping center that has a Ranch 99 and tons of Asian restaurants. I heard about this place that serves pretty good late night waffles. One of my few complaints about where I live, is nothing is open late. Everything closes by 9 or 10. It's pretty lame. In Kentucky, at least Wal-mart (yes, I know I'm going to hell for shopping at Wal-mart) was open late. Anyway, we went to Bubble Act, which is located in the shopping center. It's sort of a trendy, happy bubble tea place that also serves waffles until 3am on the weekends. What more can one ask for?

Bubble Act's menu is extensive, but we tried to maintain focus and order what we came for. They have a special where a bubble tea and a waffle costs about $3.50. It's amazingly cheap. I went ahead and ordered the special. Mr. Cupcake decided he was going to share with me.

Here is my Thai iced tea. It was okay for bubble tea. If you don't know what bubble tea is, it's a tea drink that comes with a cluster of chewy black tapioca pearls. It also comes with a big, fat straw which makes for easy pearl suckage. It's calorie dense, but oh so good.

Next came my waffle. It was the whole reason we came. The waffle was warm and crispy on the outside while the inside was smoothered in Nutella. Ah Nutella. Wonderful Nutella! It definitely hit the spot. Mr. Cupcake declared it was just a waffle, and he could make it at home. However, I know for a fact we can't make this at home because we don't have a waffle maker. I think this means we need another appliance (hint, hint).

If you're craving some late night sweets in the South Bay, Bubble Act in Milpitas is a good bet. If you need more sustenance, there's a lot of options in this particular shopping center. I can't tell you if any of them are good, but at least there are late night options. Though, it's not like I party the night away anymore, so you probably won't see me hanging out there at 2am. But if I was the partying type, at least I know where to go afterwards.


mrcupcake said...

Waffle schmaffle. I could make this for sure.

Did you see the super cool hoodie in the background of the waffle shot? toddwang represent!

madame cupcake said...

That hoodie is going to bond to your skin with how often you wear it.