Monday, January 29, 2007

a date with a 15 pound turkey and 4 gallons of peanut oil...

I've had visions of deep frying a turkey for some time now. It was when we moved to our current residence, I realized this dream could be a reality with our barren wasteland backyard. Soo and I discussed the possibilities for months, but never taking any action. Finally, we decided to make it so. We set the date a week before Christmas, ordered the Bayou Classic Fryer Kit, and invited a boatload of people to come and indulge in our deep fried goodness.

The night before the event, Mr. Cupcake prepared the turkey by injecting it with butter, orange juice, and cranberry lambic beer. He created this special concoction after doing some research online.

We had a lot of time before the actual event, so we passed time playing some Wii.

We also watched video of Alton Brown showing the perils of deep frying a turkey on youtube. At which point, I started to have second thoughts. The last thing I need is to watch all of our stuff blow up into flames because I had this burning desire to deep fry a turkey. We were rattled, but Mr. Cupcake and I decided we had nothing to lose - we rent.

And, there she is. Baring all before heading into a warm bath of the $25 Costco peanut oil.

Mr. Cupcake took Alton Brown's advice, and dunked our bird into the oil when it reached 250 degrees. It seemed like a reasonable approach. The idea was that the temperature of the oil would rise to 350 degrees shortly thereafter, and all would be swell. However, the temperature never rose, but at least the oil looked hot! Mr. Cupcake and his army of helpers left it to cook, but anxiety was building. What if it was left in there too long? What if it blew up? Caution overcame the bird frying crew, and they determined after 45+ minutes at 250 degrees, it was time for the bird to come out.

It's the rising of the bird! Ooooohhh!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Finally, a deep fried turkey for the ages! It sure looked pretty perched on its silicon Silpat.

The bird then rested for half an hour to let all the juices settle. And then it was time! Mr. Cupcake carved the turkey and we feasted! Well, sort of. It turned out the turkey wasn't fully cooked, so part of a breast headed back into the oil. When it came out this time, the skin was crispier and much more delightful. The meat itself was very juicy, probably more so than any other turkey I've eaten. It was also oily in places. The marinade turned out to be a little too strong for some of our guests. Many commented they could taste the beer.

While Mr. Cupcake carved the turkey, Tristan took over the fryer. He managed to juggle both his beer and the deep mac and cheese.

As you can see, this was most of our spread. We made deep fried shu mai, jalapeƱo poppers, egg rolls, deep fried mac n cheese, turkey, potatoes, stuffing, and more. We had a bit too much food in fact.

After everyone ate to their hearts content, Chrisi revealed the first deep fried twinkie. I know it looks incredibly scary, but Tristan was brave enough to forge ahead. We even drizzled it in raspberry sauce for him, and he claimed it was good. I've had deep fried twinkies before and the center is like eating molten lava.

I think the best dessert was the Nutella-banana spring rolls. We slathered on some Nutella on a spring roll wrapper, mashed up some bananas, wrapped them, and deep fried them. It was gooey and delicious. Definitely one of the more successful desserts.

By the end of the night, everyone had had their fill. Our guests were bloated and some were liquored up, so what better way to end the night than with some Donkey Konga. Hey the Wii plays GameCube games!

I'd say our turkey fry was mostly successful. There were a few questionable moments i.e. fryer not hot enough, turkey, not cooked enough, strong beer marinade. I think next time we'll throw caution to the wind and really fry that turkey. Yes, I said again. We still have a deep fryer, so we might as well use it.


Butta Buns said...

I am astounded. Amazed. Amused. And a tad envious.


Is all I can say.

Extra snaps to you for the Nutella bananas.

madame cupcake said...

I was beginning to think that this post would never see the light of day seeing how I've been writing it since Jan. 9th. I'm glad you liked it though. :)

Chris I said...

I would also like to add 2 things:

1. If you buy this turkey fryer, the paint will catch fire. This is ok and listed in the directions, but will put you off a bit. It might be smart to burn the paint off before you start to heat the oil.

2. I like how I am in the background of almost every photo.

madame cupcake said...

1. Alton Brown says don't buy the turkey kits because they're not really safe i.e. only three legs at the base instead of four. We didn't know that until after the fryer was purchased. Tisk, tisk.

2. Rick took all the pics so maybe he thinks you're photogenic?

3. Did you separate the second i from chris on purpose? It just doesn't look right...