Thursday, April 19, 2007

back in the saddle

I'm back! Well, at least I think I'm back. I've been in a funk for the past few months that I'm just now starting to shake. I think I'm actually ready to start blogging again. Well, I'm going to give it a try anyway, with good reason of course. In two weeks, Mr. Cupcake, his sister, and I are heading to Europe for a month. We'll be visiting five countries, and my plan is to blog from there. I'm a bit rusty, though, so no better time than the present.

For the past month, I've been sort of obsessed with ice cream. I've never been a huge ice cream fan. It's something that I have to be in the mood for mostly due to how rich and creamy it is. I much prefer gelato, but there are occasions where I just want some ice cream. To meet my needs, I started off with Dreyer's slow churn mint chocolate chip.

Dreyer's claims 50% less fat but all the taste. Surprisingly, the claim isn't as lofty as one might think. I served it to a few friends and they were none the wiser until I told them there was half the fat. Still, it wasn't quite right...

Okay, it wasn't quite wrong either because we ended up eating most of it. However, I continued on with my search. We've been to a couple of ice cream shops around the South Bay, but none of them make me want to leave my couch in the middle of an episode of Entourage (let's hug it out, bitch). I haven't given up hope completely, and found myself perusing Chowhound for inspiration. This is how I heard about Dr. Bob's Ice Cream. Shortly, thereafter, I found myself at Andronico's to meet this alleged Dr. Bob.

Dr. Bob's Ice Cream is made in SoCal, contains a high butterfat content, and uses Scharffenberger chocolate. Sounds promising right?

For starters, this ice cream gets high marks for not dying their mint chocolate chip green. I like eating mint chocolate chip that isn't green because it just feels cleaner. Yes, I know it's all in my head. However, I was disappointed to find that the chocolate pieces were very fine. It gave the ice cream a gritty texture. The mint flavor was nice though. It wasn't too heavy, but it didn't make me giddy either. At $7 a pint, it's not something I'll be dreaming about.

Where did that leave me? Unsure of where to go next. Neither were bad, but neither were great. I wanted to be wowed! I wanted to feel tears of joy stream down my cheeks because the ice cream was that good. So, I found myself piddling around online about a week ago reading about local ice creams again. I came across another Chowhound post on Graeter's. Oh sweet Graeter's! There are few things I miss about Kentucky. Those things include the Holly Hill Inn in Midway, KY, Poker/DDR/Sno Cone night at Karl's, and the local Graeter's. Mr. Cupcake and I would visit Graeter's regularly after dinner. Jeez, it's been a long time.

On a whim, I ordered 6 pints online. I figured I'd surprise Mr. Cupcake because they had one of his favorite flavors in season - Strawberry Chip. Oh my.

On Tuesday, I made Soo wait around until the UPS guy showed up with my ice cream before running errands. I think Soo thought I was crazy for ordering ice cream online. You know, me, I'm wild and crazy girl like that. Anyway, when the UPS guy did show, I started to panic.

There was a huge gash in my styrofoam container! I was worried that the ice cream had melted and my day was ruined!

Fortunately, the ice cream was still rock solid. Oh, sweet Graeter's! You made it to California in your dry ice filled cooler! There is an ice cream god!

I ordered six pints of ice cream - 2 mint chocolate chip, 2 double chocolate chip, 1 strawberry chip, and 1 black raspberry chip. They messed up my ordered and gave me 3 mint chocolate chip instead of 2 double chocolate chip. I wasn't too upset though because I have Graeter's again!

Soo and I tore into the mint chocolate chip, and it was just as dreamy as I remembered. Actually, I'd even say more so. Even Soo became a believer in all that is Graeter's. The thing about this ice cream is while the ice cream is rock solid, the chocolate chips still manage to stay soft. I'm not sure how they do it, but it's amazing. The ice cream is also denser than any other ice cream I've had. Seriously, you haven't had ice cream until you've had Graeter's.

So there you have it. Graeter's is tops. I'm pretty sure I'll be buying my ice cream online from now on. It's steep at $70 for 6 pints or $110 for 12, but it's sooooooo worth it. My expanding bubble butt will thank me later.

I did something else on Tuesday besides get ice cream. I'm now one of those Asians with half curly hair.

Digital perm meets magic straight. Oh my!

Come back Sanjaya. :(