Friday, May 18, 2007

Oh the nekkidness

I was planning on writing more about Dublin and London, but to tell you truth, I wasn't overly impressed with either. We didn't go out into the countryside very much; I'm sure that would have been a different story. I may write more about both trips later. However, I wanted to share this tidbit that isn't related to food at all. The highlight of London (my first time) was being about 10 feet away from Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter.

At least initially. I'm not even a Harry Potter the movie fan (yes, I've read all the books). I generally find the acting difficult to watch at least among the child actors. Though, I do adore Alfonso CuarĂ³n. My only interest in going was because of what I've read about the play in the media and sheer curiosity. Perhaps it's because I read to much ohnotheydidn't.

Anyway, somehow, we managed to snag front row tickets to Equus, and yes, that means we were about 10 feet away from all of his glory. I won't go into details (if you really want to know, you can email me). But seriously, him being naked wasn't the highlight. It was (to my surprise) a play that was well done. Based on what I had read on the Internet, I was expecting him to do some strange and twisted routines with the horses as I haven't read the book. He didn't, and really, the thing that surprised me the most was that there was a naked woman in the play. I guess I haven't been paying enough attention to the promos. Besides, I'm sure promoting a naked Daniel Radcliffe was part of a marketing ploy to get people to see it. I'm not going to lie, it worked on me and all the others in the nearly full theater.

Anyway, to sum things up, the play was entertaining and well acted in particular the psychologist and the two parents. I'm also happy to report that Daniel Radcliffe isn't as tragic as I once thought. He was believable in this role and did a nice job. Though, the juvenile part of me wants to tell everyone that I've seen Harry Potter nekkid.

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