Friday, May 18, 2007

street food

Mr. Cupcake accomplished his Nürburgring laps and we were off to Stuttgart! Up until recently, I had been dying to try the following things in Germany in no particular order:

- a pretzel
- a bratwurst
- sauerkraut!
- any regional cuisines

On this day, I was able to mark one of these things off my list. The drive from Nürburg to Stuttgart is a long one. It's about two hours. We had a late start, so we ended up grabbing lunch in a town which I think was Boppard (will have to double check) that happened to be situated on the Rhine River. This was random stop, but our Nuvi GPS managed take down to another picturesque town.

Unfortunately for us, this was also German holiday, so many of the local businesses were closed. We walked along the river walk and only found hotels restaurants open. One place was only willing to serve ham OR cheese sandwiches even though they advertised more. Mr. Cupcake wanted to go to another museum along the way to Stuttgart (which we never made), so we decided to do a quick lunch at a little stand called the Konigsbacher.

It was a one man show. There was a guy behind the counter who took orders, and fortunately for us, he spoke a little bit of English. We struggled a little bit but he was very friendly and happy that we were customers. Mr. Cupcake ordered the currywurst because he had heard it was good.

The currywurst was sliced up and drenched in a curry/bbq like sauce. It was pretty tasty, but I was glad I went for the bratwurst. After all, I've been dying to have one in Germany.

It was quite different than what I was expecting. For one thing, it's noticeably longer and skinnier which is very much unlike the American versions. I'm not sure if this is how all bratwursts in Germany are, but I will say I like it! It wasn't as greasy or heavy as the bratwurst I'm use to. It also has a similar texture to a hotdog. It wasn't overly seasoned and it came with spicy mustard. Another bonus was that he fried it on his griddle. This made the skin crispy and extra delicious.

We also ordered a batch of pomme frites (French fries). Out of the three countries we've been to thus far, Germany wins for its deep frying execution. I'm just not a fan of soggy fries, chips, or what have you. I much prefer the crispity, crunchity fries like the ones served at this little stand.

Our total bill including J9's pork sandwhich, potato salad, and liter of Coke light was about 10 euros. I'm pretty sure it wins as the cheapest meal in Europe thus far. It was a satisfying lunch because I heart a good bratwurst.

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