Thursday, June 12, 2008

reunited and it feels so good

I keep hearing rumblings that I haven't blogged since Sept. 2007. I had to check for myself, and what do you know, the grumblings were indeed accurate. Perhaps, you've been wondering what I've been up to. Well, the past nine months were filled with travels, and enough food that I've managed to soften up. Fortunately, the Wii Fit coupled with my elliptical are here to find what once was. So, now, a summary for those who are curious and for those who aren't, then you may want to stop here...

Mr. Cupcake and I found ourselves back in Kentucky, a place we thought we'd never revisit. Due to good friends and a wedding, we returned.

We were able to visit our favorite restaurant, the Holly Hill Inn. We use to be regulars and missed it dearly once we moved to California.

We also made a few stops at Graeter's. Oh sweet Graeters! Ice cream has never been so perfect. This stuff is that good. So good, that I have it shipped to my house at something around $11 a pint. It's all in the chips and worth every penny.

Shortly, thereafter, we left the wedding to head back east for an unexpected funeral. It was amazing to see the colors of the trees.

Mr. Cupcake and I are emotional eaters. To deal with any lingering sadness, we did what any rational person would do: we stuffed ourselves silly with NY style pizza, banh mi, and a full sample of bagels including those at H&H Bagels. It was the right thing to do.

Seriously, it's impossible to find a bagel this crisp and chewy back on the West Coast. Delicious one indeed.

In November, Mr. Cupcake's friend turned 30. He decided to celebrate with a ginormous beach house in Cabo. We opted to skipped Thanksgiving with the family and spend it on the beach instead.

We checked out the local scene including the Costco. I heart Costco. It's pretty much the same with a few local product choices here and there. I should have gotten a churro.

While Mr. Cupcake was off deep sea fishing, I had the chance to eat street food from a taco stand.

Chorizo and cheese on a tortilla. It was the meal that I remember. So simple, but hit all the right notes.

Christmas rolled in, and one of my favorite gifts was the Baker's Edge pan. My first attempt and yeah, only (I know, I'm pathetic) was a recipe for banana bread. The recipe is interesting because it doesn't contain any sort of fat like a big blob of butter or a half gallon of oil. We actually just finished the last piece up today since it freezes so well.

Some time passed and what do you know, I turned 30. I'm an old bag who still looks like she's in high school. Not as tramatic as I thought it'd be, but it helps when a friend sends some glorious Christopher Elbow Chocolates. He's from Kansas (like me!) and makes a mean salted caramel. Coincidentally, he recently opened up a shop in San Francisco.

Before you know it, it's May and I found myself in Colorado with a good friend and a giant. Okay, she's not really a giant, but she might as well be. She's just shy of 6'3". I'd show you a picture, but she might eat you.

Our mission over the next four days was to eat good food and just relax. Along the way, my friend and I stumbled upon a place called the Sunshine Cafe in Silverthorn, CO. The B.L.A.T. was a great way to start off the trip after an early morning flight from Cali.

After stuffing ourselves silly, we left the giant, and headed back to Denver. Little did we know, the best meals were ahead of us including this banana split from Snooze. The other meal was Frasca in Boulder. It was an Italian meal that I won't soon forget, and if you're in the area, you shouldn't miss it.

Over Memorial Day, we trekked it in Mr. Cupcake's ambulance (don't ask) to Reno! And let me tell you, it's nothing like Vegas. Places like the Bouchon Bakery, the Wynn Buffet, and all the other lovely places are no where to be found. Instead...

I was able to watch Chrisi shave about a year off his life with this breakfast. And then...

I watched Mr. Cupcake shave at least two years off his with an Awful Awful burger from the Golden Nugget. Good food never appeared during our visit to the Biggest Little City.

Finally, we celebrated our 3 year anniversary. Apparently, 2008 is the year of the 3's - age 30 and 3rd year anniversaries.

To celebrate, Mr. Cupcake scored us a meal at the famed Chez Panisse in Berkeley. I had finally completed my Norcal trifecta - Chez Panisse, The French Laundry, and Manresa. To top it off, he managed to get a reservation at Alinea, a place that's been on top of my food list. He's a good man, that Mr. Cupcake.

I hope that the next post won't be another nine months, but I'm not promising anything. There are some interesting developments including a half flat of strawberries sitting in my fridge, tomatoes soon to be in season, and a trip to Australia. If your lucky, something might pop up in your RSS reader someday soon.